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”The Girl Who Ate Galaxies”


“All the Colors I Cannot See”


“Nobody’s Daughter and the Tree of Life”




“Artificial Love”, “World in My Eyes”, “Memory Drive”, “The Box”, “Family Traditions”, “Three Things”, “The Leaving”, “Broke Nose”, “Ugly”, and “I’ll Tell You Your History” all have links on my bio page at Literally Stories!

Ogle, L’Erin

Various ramblings

Over the moon happy at Maria Haskins review of “The Girl Who Ate Galaxies” on the B&N short fiction roundup for September. The story reached a lot of people and that’s what I want to do when I write. It was the second month in a row Maria Haskins selected a story of mine to review! She has such great recommendations and both her reviews had me jumping for joy. I definitely think anyone who loves short fiction should follow her!

Excited for the release of “The Nightmare Man” by Grimscribe Press in the upcoming Autumn issue of Vastarien.

“Sorry Sorry Sorry And I Love You” has been purchased by Metaphorosis.

“Layla 8” from Daily Science Fiction soon.

“Shiver Soft Feathers” in an upcoming anthology from B Morris Allen, the genius editor behind “All the Colors I Cannot See” and “Nobody’s Daughter and the Tree of Life.”

A little flash fiction piece titled “How to Raise A Monster” comes from Literally Stories Oct 22nd.

Received the nicest rejection today from CC Finlay at F&SF-he is the literal best rejector ever. He always has valuable insight/feedback for me and many times I’ve used that to improve stories and rewrite them.

The best rejections I’ve had are from him, Morris at Metaphorosis, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. One from Shimmer-that one really encouraged me to keep going when I felt I was never going to make it-thanks to Suzan for taking the time to send a lengthy response.

I’ve got five stories making the rounds. I usually try the pro paying markets in a circuit first, but I took today’s rejection from CC and revised a bit and sent it to Metaphorosis. It features Grace, the narrator from Colors. I want this story to make it and Morris has taken my submissions and made them so much better- I hope this one makes his cut because I think it is fantastic.

All in all, my first sale was in May. Since then I’ve sold five more. I’ve been on two short fiction best of the month round ups. I’ve made friends and gained a lot of knowledge and experience.

I think storytelling, reading and writing fiction, are so necessary right now, with all the BS going on. Sometimes I need a little escape. Here’s to finding it! Happy Friday!

Things I’d Tell My Year Ago Self

I’ve had some really good luck this year in getting stories published. More than a couple of friends have said they want to write more, and asked me what I’d tell myself a year ago when I decided that I was going to start submitting my work.

Shunn Format. Period.

Every rough draft I go through and cross out any “It seemed” or “I felt” and replace it with something that demonstrates the feeling or mood I was describing. I’ve learned that “I felt sad about it” just bores the shit out of people.

Beautiful prose isn’t about big words. Beautiful prose can be a whole bunch of small words strung together. It’s about the voice.

Not to be afraid to be too dark, too vulgar, too clean, too anything.

There’s a whole bunch of quotes about writing but this one sticks with me. “Write you know.”

But you write fantasy and horror and sci-fi, right? Shit that isn’t even real?

You might have noticed a lot of my main characters are female, who were ignored or neglected or abandoned during their formative years. They are usually “too something” for the world they live in. Too outspoken, too angry, too bitter, too smart.

So I am writing what I know. I’ve been told I’m too political, opinionated, outspoken, too loud, my humor is vulgar, my sarcasm is too sharp, that I’m too blunt, too direct, too intimidating.  I mean, the list goes on and on.

It took me thirty years to stop giving a fuck if I was any of those things. Another five where I was ready to write down the things I had to say and not care that my scars, internal, external, might bleed through, that people might see me in my work.

Write what you know. Don’t be scared of judgment. Nobody can tell my stories the way I do, or yours the way you do.

Let’s dream big together.


Upcoming works!

The autumn issue of Vastarien edited by Jon Padgett is available for pre-order! My story “The Nightmare Man” will appear. “Layla 8” will appear at Daily Science Fiction. “Shiver Soft Feathers” will be available in an anthology later this year edited by the one and only B Morris Allen. Currently, I have six other stories in various states of submissions-two long listed and one that may be accepted shortly after a few revisions.

I’m currently working on a really dark fantasy piece that was supposed to be a short story but has turned into a novelette, and am preparing to revise a novella about haunted islands.

I hope today finds you well and inspired. Dream on!