The second round…

I made it to the second round of Daily Science Fiction with “Layla 8”!

Then I checked my submission over at Clarkesworld-it said ‘under review-second round’, meaning it was in the top three percent!

I received a form rejection shortly after-but holy hell, that was a good run, right?

The thing is, now I’m wondering if I hallucinated it. It seems possible.

I’m rereading Layla 8 and finding all kinds of things I wish I changed-still hoping against hope it makes the cut.

While I dissected myself and my rejections, someone said, “you really think it’s going to happen for you, huh?”

Nope. I think I’m going to make it happen. Not because I’m the best. But I am a stubborn heart and I can take a thousand rejections. A million. Infinite rejections.

I’ve sold two stories in two months. Published a few free.

“Artificial Love” will be available July 18th at Literally Stories. “All the Colors I Cannot See” has been sold to Metaphorosis Magazine.

To everyone else getting rejections today-if you’ve got something to say, keep writing. It matters. I’ve read stories on small, indie websites that have imprinted themselves on my heart.

Write and read on!


”All the Colors I Cannot See” has been purchased by Metaphorosis Magazine after an extremely lengthy rewrite process and edited by the absolutely phenomenal B Morris Allen.

publication date coming soon!

Metaphorosis will soon have print editions available and can be preordered now on Amazon-including June 2018 which featured “Nobody’s Daughter and the Tree of Life.”

happy writing, reading, and life, my friends!

Tomorrow’s the day!

Tomorrow “Nobody’s Daughter and the Tree of Life” will be available at Metaphorosis Magazine!

Huge thanks to Morris, the editor who grew it from a messy idea into the story it is now.

I. Am. So. Excited.