Live at Pseudopod…

The Coven of Dead Girls!!!

The narration is PHENOMENAL.

Chills. The ending, holy shit, I had goosebumps.

Thank you Kestrel for pushing it to the next level, the amazing editors at Pseudopod, and the stunning narration by Nika Harper….


“The Coven of Dead Girls”

So happy that my haunted house story about a very angry ghost and her coven has found a home!

“The Coven of Dead Girls” will come out at Pseudopod this year!

“At night, you hear things. Creaking, moaning floorboards. A disturbance in the air. You blame it on the house settling, as if houses like this every really settle. As if they could.”

End of the Year

2018 is the first year I’ve tried to sell my writing. My year end tally is six stories sold.

“All the Colors I Cannot See”, “Sorry Sorry Sorry and I Love You”, Nobody’s Daughter and the Tree of Life” all appeared at Metaphorosis

“The Girl Who Ate Galaxies” was published by Syntax&Salt

“Layla 8” at Daily Science Fiction

“The Nightmare Man” showed up in the Autumn issue of Vastarien

2019 looks promising!

“Mean Streak” will appear at Metaphorosis.

“Timelines” at Syntax&Salt

Two long listed submissions are pending at pro markets.

Five others are out making rounds.

I’m working on a post apocalyptic tale that will end up being a novella or a novel.

Two more short stories are brewing.

I will also be attending the FUTURESCAPES writing workshop in April!

It’s gonna be a big year!

2018 Award Eligible Stories


I only have two stories I’m going to list for awards considerations. Both were reviewed by Maria Haskins on short fiction roundups.

“The Girl Who Ate Galaxies” was published at Syntax & Salt and it received so much positive feedback from other writers and readers.

It’s about a girl who has experienced pain, who feels unloved and invisible, developing an insatiable hunger, and devouring the world.

“All the Colors I Cannot See” was published at Metaphorosis in August.

It’s narrated by Grace, about the possession of her sister by a very bad man. It’s about trauma and love and how even when you try to fix things, there are things that cannot be repaired.

Thanks for reading them and thank you so much to everyone who loved them!

Submissions, baby

Three stories coming soon!

“Sorry Sorry Sorry and I Love You” comes from Metaphorosis in November.

“The Nightmare Man” is in the Autumn issue of Vastarien, available for pre-order and shipping at the end of the month!

“How to Raise A Monster” arrives Monday at Literally Stories.

Six subs pending, four held for second looks (interpreted from Grinder/Duotrope data)

Two are flash fiction, three short stories, one novelette. Hoping they find homes soon!