The second round…

I made it to the second round of Daily Science Fiction with “Layla 8”!

Then I checked my submission over at Clarkesworld-it said ‘under review-second round’, meaning it was in the top three percent!

I received a form rejection shortly after-but holy hell, that was a good run, right?

The thing is, now I’m wondering if I hallucinated it. It seems possible.

I’m rereading Layla 8 and finding all kinds of things I wish I changed-still hoping against hope it makes the cut.

While I dissected myself and my rejections, someone said, “you really think it’s going to happen for you, huh?”

Nope. I think I’m going to make it happen. Not because I’m the best. But I am a stubborn heart and I can take a thousand rejections. A million. Infinite rejections.

I’ve sold two stories in two months. Published a few free.

“Artificial Love” will be available July 18th at Literally Stories. “All the Colors I Cannot See” has been sold to Metaphorosis Magazine.

To everyone else getting rejections today-if you’ve got something to say, keep writing. It matters. I’ve read stories on small, indie websites that have imprinted themselves on my heart.

Write and read on!

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