”All the Colors I Cannot See” has been purchased by Metaphorosis Magazine after an extremely lengthy rewrite process and edited by the absolutely phenomenal B Morris Allen.

publication date coming soon!

Metaphorosis will soon have print editions available and can be preordered now on Amazon-including June 2018 which featured “Nobody’s Daughter and the Tree of Life.”

happy writing, reading, and life, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Sold!”

    1. None of it would have happened without Literally Stories and your encouragement!
      You’re one of those writers I’m still stunned you’re not a household name. Often I read your stories and am eaten alive by not having written it myself, which is the greatest compliment I can give.
      I’m so excited for the upcoming stories!

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      1. Thou art kind, but, really, I’m not a household name in my own household. I forgot to add that what I think makes your stuff work is your ability to bend reality the same way a prism bends light and not wind up with nonsense. You have a point of view and your own voice. Look forward to the publication.

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