It happened!

Today I sold my first story. I earned my first pay for writing. I was so lucky to work with Morris Allen at Metaphorosis Magazine who edited and showed me how to craft a big handful of raw material into a beautiful creation. Milestone!!!!

3 thoughts on “It happened!”

  1. Wait a minute–You are getting paid and an Editor has worked with you? I have heard of such things before but I had always considered them Urban X-Files. Congratulations. Even though there’s a little witch inside me, cackling, and passing jealous little remarks, I will ignore her and extend the hope that this success will lead to more.


  2. You are kind. Perhaps I will trade my little inner witch for a unicorn. Doesn’t need to be magical, as long as it doesn’t cackle, it will be just fine. Be sure to announce the publishing date. I look forward to seeing the piece soon. Take Care. LA

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